Thursday, June 24, 2010

m to the h!

One of my favourite people in the whole world, she's always there ready to talk me through anything, whether it's heartbreak, or something in the family or even a bad grade! She's always up for a catch up sesh, even if I'd only seen her like an hour ago! Whe she's older, she's going to meet a guy who's going to treat her exactly like she deserves and shower her in gifts and kisses everyday! They're going to be one of those couples that make you want to kill yourself! We've had a lot of good times, involving corn (;)) and Johnson's Kids Shampoo! We've laughed together soooo many times, she is so easy to be with and not a bit bitchy or intimidating! She has great style and perfect teeth and amazing hair and the cutest voice! She is beautiful inside and out, and she has supported me 100% ever since I've known her, which is what matters most! ily maddie :)

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