Tuesday, June 8, 2010


West End Markets are a blessing - there's this lovely woman there that knits all these amazing beanies and little dolls and tissue box wrapper things. She's so lovely and all her stuff is such a wide range, and at very affordable prices. I had an extremely hard time picking one out, but I decided to get my Pebbles Flintstone beanie, and I don't regret it one bit.. although I am planning a visit back there!

I got me some new shoes :):)
These babies come from heaven! I found them at Paddington Fair, which was by the way FANTASTIC (despite what some people may have said...) and i loved it absolutely!!!! They were a perfect fit - I think we're meant to be together! And they only cost 25 dollars, I'm in love :):):)

Speaking of new things, RIP cheap eBay raybans :( (L)

x rachel

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