Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i loovvveee holiddayyyys :)

I've had a an eventful past two days. Not really, actually. Well, eventful for me, because I don't do much! Yesterday, Johanna came over in the afternoon and we made awfully dry chocolate crunch, but it was still pretty damn tasty even though SOME people might disagree (you know who you are :|!) and we watched The O.C. while eating vanilla-y bananas and strawberry ice cream and drinking large amounts of lemon and honey tea - I had a very sore throat :)

After that, we went over to Dani's place for a games night/sleepover. Even though no games were played there was a large amount of raving, mostly between myself, Flemma, Mad and Juju, which was a lot of fun. Pictures were taken, starring only us four, as everybody else was rather occupied! They are being developed now and I will put them up as soon as possible, for my own pleasure if for no one else's. This morning, papa picked me up nice and early, and we drove to the guitar shop and picked up a GREEN ukelele for me! It has a WOODEN DOLPHIN on it! THAT IS RIGHT. I've spent all day playing it in my pyjamas. It's so awesomely amazing. I'm also going to post some pictures of that too, just so you (whoever is reading this) can see the wooden dolphin :)

Here are some lovely photos that I enjoyed so you better enjoy them as well.
Oh and before I forget, I have a great recipe (the vanilla-y bananas and ice cream I mentioned, like, one minute ago) for you! I will put it up as soon as I find it and the picture I took of the process!

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