Monday, June 21, 2010


Recently my Granddad donated his desktop to the family and I was going through the pictures trying to find one I'd saved off Gilly's blog when I came across a bunch of slides that Granddad had scanned onto the computer of my mother and her family when she was a kid. They are all so fantasticccccccccccccc! They excite me! I'll share a couple of them up here, my favourites. BUUUUUT, you should defs head on over to my house to check out the rest!

Left-right: Uncle's girlfriend, Uncle (First day of school)

Left-right: Uncle, Uncle, Grandmother, Mother


Clockwise from top: Grandmother, Uncle, Uncle, Mother


Left-right: ?, ?, Uncle, Mother, ?, Uncle

Clockwise from top: Grandfather, Uncle, Uncle, Mother

Left-right: Grandmother, Mother, Uncle

Left-right: Uncle, Mother (Mother's first day of school)

Left-right: Uncle, Uncle, Mother (Dress up day at school)

Left-right: Uncle, Uncle (Beachin' it)



Uncle's Birthday Party!


Aren't they wonderful!

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