Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just keeping you updated!

I know that you probably don't care, but I'd like to do a post about my last couple of days. They've been great!! On Thursday, Johanna flew out to Victoria, which was sad but good for her and she was only away for a few days. Then on Friday, I met two verrrry beautiful girls at Oxford St Park, both dressed wonderfully and we went back to one of their houses and danced for ages! That night, I was tucked up in bed, nice and cozy, when I got a call from another gorgeous friend, saying she was lonely and did I want to rent out Mighty Boosh and sleep at hers. What an offer! How could I resist? We spent the night chatting instead of watching TV and had a pretty good sleep. I even got my nails painted :)

The next day, we caught a train to our friend's house, where we watched One Tree Hill and Doctor Who all day and ate McDonalds and then hung out at the park next to his house, until his mummy drove us home when we missed our train :)

Then on Sunday, I spent the day cleaning the house. Mmm, yes, how lovely. Although yesterday, Monday, I caught up with an old, old, OLD friend who I've known since I was born but haven't seen in, like, a year.
And tomorrow, a lovely picnic in Newfarm with a bunch of friends. I hope the weather is good, which it probably won't be. It'll probably be so freezing and I'll want to kill myself.

Right now, I'm attempting to write a resume and I have no idea how to! Arghhh


Oh and ONE MORE THING. HOW INCREDIBLE DOES THE NEW HARRY POTTER LOOK?!??!?!??! God, I can't wait for it to come out in 5 months! So close to my birthday as well, I will definetly be going to the midnight showing premiere-y thing, as I can't make it to the REAL premiere in England, where two of my friends are headed to! I'm so jealous. They get to see Tom and Rupert!
I would bring up the trailer, but, really, cbf :)


Just two incredible bands that I've been neglecting and taking for granted lately:


Also, I MISS SUMMMMMER! I miss singlets and short dresses and swimmers and water and ice blocks and watermelon and thongs and socks and flowers and salads and summer nights and gardens and shorts and sunbathing and beachin' it and tans and sunglasses and t-shirts and sunniness and beachy hats and all of it!

Although I do enjoy wearing scarves. But I'm so sick of tights! I miss socks, socks socks socks. My socks can't be rocked off atm. You know why? BECAUSE IT'S TOO BLOODY COLD TO WEAR THEM.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

m to the h!

One of my favourite people in the whole world, she's always there ready to talk me through anything, whether it's heartbreak, or something in the family or even a bad grade! She's always up for a catch up sesh, even if I'd only seen her like an hour ago! Whe she's older, she's going to meet a guy who's going to treat her exactly like she deserves and shower her in gifts and kisses everyday! They're going to be one of those couples that make you want to kill yourself! We've had a lot of good times, involving corn (;)) and Johnson's Kids Shampoo! We've laughed together soooo many times, she is so easy to be with and not a bit bitchy or intimidating! She has great style and perfect teeth and amazing hair and the cutest voice! She is beautiful inside and out, and she has supported me 100% ever since I've known her, which is what matters most! ily maddie :)


what's with all the smoking!


And then there are a whole shitload of movies and TV shows and celebrities that are promoting and encouraging smoking, making it look cool and "in" and popular. STUPID!