Saturday, June 19, 2010

Burdening some great websites unto all :)

All of these websites/blogs are fabulous - there are also so many more that I am in love with, but these have got to be my fabourite. I think I visit them every second day. Anyway, holidays have started and I am in bliss already. Even though my back is sore and I am tired as hell, I am still in heaven! At the moment, I am sitting on the couch with the wondrous laptop in all its glory, my brother sitting next to me, my dog snoring on the other side of me, just watching The O.C. IT'S WONDERFUL.

Big news: my mama is coming back in two days! I can't wait, even though this involves the three currently left at home cleaning up the entire house even more than we would if Mum were here, I am so excited - and NOT just becuase of the presents, although that is a bonus. I'm kind of rambling, right?


I am bloody addicted to tea also, I must have had at least six million cups today already. A quick tip? GREAT WITH BROWN SUGAR.

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  1. Naaw I love conor! aND THANKS FOR FEATURING ME <3 aah caps i cant't be bothers to re-type that...
    LOVE CHU x