Monday, June 21, 2010

a lot of things :)

I think I'm getting sick - BUT YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!!

YES, THAT'S RIGHT - HOT DRINKS! Does anyone else totalllllly love that?!
A great hot drink recipe, and the girl who posted this has some other amazing recipes. I've tried sooo many and they are all guaranteed to taste deliciouuuuuuus <3

Just head on over to the recipe index

Ohhhh Frank, how I love you!

Speaking of Frank, everyone who doesn't read Frankie Magazine, go and buy it RIGHT NOW or go onto their website!

A special shoutout to a very good friend of mine, B, who is amazing. I love you.
Also, recently I've been getting very lovely compliments from a whole load of different people about this blog. Anybody who reads this and/or has been kind enough to tell me that they love it and/or has written a special post about it and told their followers to check me out and/or is following me, THANKYOU SO MUCH, you are a wonderful human being. This really does mean a lot to me, and it makes me smile :)
So here is something for all of you!

It's Rupert! In an ice cream truck! Does it get much better than that?
I think not!!!

Also, if Suzuki or Hasjizz is reading this, z0mg you are lyk awesome! If one of you is, please tell the other. OKKWLTHXILY!

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