Thursday, July 1, 2010

miss unkon's storybook love

I think everybody should hop onto iTunes/youtube/whatevs and listen to STAY WITH ME BABY by DUFFY (I'm watching THE BOAT THAT ROCKED ;))

I love how she is cooking/eating in a lot of her photos and how she has the use of flowers in different, but equally creative ways and I am also in love with her natural style in the way the she poses, she always looks like she is having fun. The underwear are so coot in the fact that they are highwaisted and she has a very natural but individual flair in her style that adds slight personality and character hehe :) She always acts so cheeky, it's adorable

oh and also, my lappy broke :( and I lost allllll my photos and I had a great deal that were amazing and that I hadn't used :(:(:'(

BUT ALSO, everybody, tomorrow go and buy or rent out THE BOAT THAT ROCKED - it is so amazing, I could watch it every day for a year just for the fashion and the music. Of course the storyline and the humour is fantastic as well :)


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