Sunday, July 25, 2010

excuse me, pretty

so many of my friends are all "rararara I'm so ugly, fml" and it's like shut the hell up, you know you're gorgeous. and then it's like, maybe they don't know that, but they are. all of my friends are so amazing, and I am thinking of one in particular, she is one of the most amazing girls that has ever blessed my eyes, and yet she is convinced that she isn't. she's convinced that, because certain dudes haven't paid an interest in her, she is the opposite of beautiful. which is stupid, because she is so incredibly, amazingly, beautifully, strangely, lovingly, crazily, gorgeously good-looking and everybody agrees with me. not that I go around asking them, but occasionly it comes up. and yes, everybody is in awe of this amazing chickadee's beauty. my beautiful friend, you could match up to any of these models.

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