Monday, July 19, 2010

life lessons to remember!

the thing about life is, you get so caught up in all the shit that's about you, that you just don't notice the things that should be appreciated anymore. you focus on all that negative crap about yourself, all your problems, fights, ltitle mistakes that have happened to everyone. you dwell on things in the past that you regret, and things in the future that frighten and intimidate you. past is past and future is future. what's happening right now is the most important thing. sometimes it takes some serious shit to help you realise this. sometimes you just wake up and reality hits you like a bombshell. nothing really matters; good grades, good education, nice clothes, expensive stuff, what people think of you. none of that shit is legit. it's about the little stuff. the little stuff means a lot. the sound of your best friend laughing, eating brekki with your family, having your dog jump up and lick your face. this is the stuff that life's about - this stuff is what makes the world go round. this is beautiful. this is life.

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