Sunday, July 4, 2010

i heart opshopping/markets

so today me and a very good friend, jessie, headed over to the south bank markets to hit up the latest stylez! there wasn't a LOT of stuff there, but on the rare occasion you do find some good buys! jessie got this cute little fringed poncho-y type white top, and i got a great wooden watch-y bracelet beady kind of thing. after that, we got on the train prepared to head back to my house, when all of a sudden, a surge of inspiration and opshoppery goodness rushed into my veins! one stop from mine, we jumped off the train spontaneously, and rushed to one of THE BEST opshops I have ever been to. it's always got the best stuff. jess bought this great blazer and something else that i forgot about, and i bought a cute denim shirt and a red jumper and a little purse. after that, we strolled around stones corner, went into a few more shops and purchased some more things, scammed a few freebies. then we went into this lovely little cafe/coffee place for some arvo tea! finally, we walked back to my place and jessie rested it up and tried on her shit, while i provided some background ukulele music. a great day!

i gotta get me one of those rabbit mirrors

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