Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So Christmas is my favourite time of the year and anything that involves/reminds me of Christmas or the summer or anything like that, instantly puts me in a brilliant mood. Which leads me to tell everyone about my beautiful pet dog, Conor. Conor is amazing. He's a Great Dane, so he is unbelievably big (in height and in heart <3) and he's about five years old, so he still gets incredibly excited very easily. I think he loves Christmas too, in a way. I think he senses all the excitement and preparation in the air. He also adores summer; he loves to swim in the pool and cool off and he loves having everyone at home for the holidays. He always helps us put up the tree and decorate it and he loves all the food that we have around Christmas time. This makes him pant alot, especially after swimming or running around out of excitement for, you know, natural reasons. Anyway, since we're in spring, the weather has gotten increasingly warmer, and so my dear old Conor has started to pant again. THIS IS GREAT! I'M FINALLY FEELING THE CHRISTMAS FEELING COMING ON! It actually IS Christmas soon! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS. IT'S LIKE, THE BEST THING EVER, LITERALLY... ahhh Santa <3

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