Friday, October 1, 2010

uluru/alice springs

So basically I thought that Alice Springs/Uluru was shit. Two flights, equalling up to like seven hours, followed by waiting in Uluru's tiny airport for someone to let my mother know that her luggage had never left Brisbane. When we leave the airport, it is so hot that we have to immediately shed any coats/jackets/warm items of clothing and race to the car, which is also filled up with heat, leaving the doors open, and waiting for the air conditioning to take over. It takes us ages to find the right hotel because they all look the bloody same. When we get to our separate rooms, we realise, NO, WE DON'T HAVE NICKOLODEAN/FOXTEL, but they have a great pool/spa area, with a huge lawn full of those chairs that slide back for tanning. But did I bring swimmers? No. No I didn't. So, straight after we've put our bags in the rooms, we head out to Ayres Rock. It's a nice sight at first, but then everyone's like "Let's walk up to it!"... let's not. It's the longest walk and somehow everything I'm wearing gets covered in red sand - my socks, my shorts, my top, my shoes, my hat; I even find a bit in my hair?! So, we hang out until sunset, which is like two hours away. We're just waiting and waiting, realising that we are in the wrong spot for sunset, so when we get there, there are so many people and so many cars already there. We find a spot between a truckload of smoking Germans and a carfull of loud, drinking youths. We get home, sleep and then the rest of my family goes out to see Ayres Rock at sunrise, but I sleep in, finally.

(above is a photo of my brother and I at Ayres Rock)

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