Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Day 07 - Your Best Friend
My best friend is Johanna. She's alright, nah she's pretty fuckin' fine! My best friend likes to laugh and sing. She likes to have an obsession at any given time and she likes to shop. My best friend is beautiful and lovely and is talkative. My best friend always has a water bottle with her and likes to drink tea and eat poptarts. My best friend takes amazing photos and makes fun of me, but that's okay because she has a mouse! My best friend's birthday is on Christmas Eve, so that's why it is important to only celebrate Christmas on CHRISTMAS DAY. My best friend loves Jesus hahahah. My best friend hates clowns and I'm going to France with her next year. My best friend has a potty mouth and makes waffles that are yummers! We also make the best pizzas when we're together! My best friend is mighty great and cool and you should talk to her, but not too much, because I will beat you up. Ilay Joda

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