Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Day 06 - Your Day Today
My day today wasn't very exciting, so I feel that I'm really letting everybody down with this post. I feel like I should save it for another day? But hey, cbf. Sooo here goes.
Today was a normal Tuesday. I woke up at the usual time, 7am. I stayed in bed until like 7:15 ish, a result of staying up until 11 last night. I got ready for school and caught the train. I met my beautiful friend Jess on there and we walked from the station to school, having some sick dnm's about this sick lad I know :)
My first class was English, where we watch a movie that we'd already seen, very boring. Then maths, where I admired this cool dude, and didn't listen to the Both. And then Drama, which was slightly better, where we practiced our performance. And lunch, where I got to spend some time with a friend that I haven't spent time with in a while, Immie! <3>

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