Thursday, September 9, 2010

time to take a breather

Finally, I can just relax. Even if it is just for a bit. Some down time, to do what I want, to just hang out by myself; read, relax. You know how it is!

School was kind of hectic today. Maths exam first up. I came out after it thinking, "Well I failed that."... I guess that isn't too good. Drama was after, we're learning a new play and we have an assignment due on Monday, but I've already finished that... even so, I'm better at practical than theory. After that - French oral. I realise now that I was stressing out waaaay too much for that. It was easy and chilled. I just hope I got a good mark! And then after that, Bio. That was nice and chilled, though :)

I hope that you had a good day too. Tomorrow, remember to SMILE BECAUSE IT IS FRIDY, thank god. x

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