Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i choo choo choose you

Totally loving all the assessment that seems to be smothering me alive: music, drama, maths, french, biology, sose. 6 out of 7 subjects.. ilml.

I realised recently that my blog is kind of boring. I really only post pictures. I don't know why, they just seem to describe what I'm feeling better than words do. You know when you see something and it's like "that is EXACTLY how I feel, but it says it so much better than I ever could"? Yep, you know that? That's like, everytime I go on tumblr, or weheartit. It makes me look kind of unoriginal, huh? But then you know when you go on a site or blog and it's just a whole page of words, and you're like "Fuck me, I'm not reading this"? I don't want anyone (is anyone even reading this?) to go onto my blog and just be like "Nup".

So I guess I can tell you what's up. Nothing really. What's up with you?
Tuesday I had a maths exam and a French oral. Maths was pure torture, the usual. I don't know anything. I just can't learn maths, it's like a learning defect. French.... oooo French. It took me fucking ages to learn those lines. It's hard to memorise anything, full stop, but in a bloody different language? I studied and studied. And I guess it kind of paid of. Today I had a bio exam. I thought i did aight, but you can never tell if that is a good sign, especially when everyone else reckons they failed. I studied so hard.
Tomorrow, a maths exam (yep, another one) and ANOTHER French oral. Right? It's like Tuesday all over again. Friday, NOTHING. Thank the fucking heavens above.
But you know what this makes me think? If I'm going through this much stress and trouble in year 10, what will years 11 and 12 have in store for me? I shudder.

A hopefully good weekend is in store for me. I may be going up the coast to visit my grandparents, which is always fun I suppose.. naht.

I hope you are doing well :)

Also, happy birthday to German Girl. Are you reading this? x

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