Monday, December 13, 2010


sorry sorry sorry for the lack of posts! i've been out enjoying my holidays, despite the wet weather. It's been horrible and rainy, yet still undescribably hot and sticky. I haven't been in my pool all month! What is this! i can't wait for the sky to clear up and leave lovely blueness and vanished clouds. i will float around in my pool with my cute dog and consume multiple ice blocks whilst gaining a tan. lol i wish!

well next week my american family are flying in and i'm very excited because i only seem them like twice a year, so sweeet! they're here for nine days, which means they will be here for christmas. i'm so happy. christmas is and always has been my favourite time of year. but we are very slow with the christmas preparations it seems. the family hasn't even put up our christmas tree or done our shopping. crazy, i know.

anyway, i best get to bed. tomorrow jacob and i are heading into the city for a spot of shopping! sleep tight, x!

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