Thursday, August 5, 2010

its all bullshit

it's one of those days. i don't like a thing about myself; i'm not smart enough, i'm not pretty enough, i'm not funny enough, not outgoing enough, not entertaining enough. i don't go for things and put myself out there, i care too much what people think, and sometimes not enough. i worry and think too much, and by the time i've made a decision, everything is shit anyway. i'm not good enough with the opposite sex, not creative enough, my taste is shit. i don't have the write style, i vow to do things, but never end up doing them. i spend too much time to myself. i compare myself to everyone, i'm not enough. i'm not worth saving, or looking after, or being with. i'm a hypocrite, i'm a bullshitter, i'm a bitch and a skank. i dream about stupid things, having goals like mine is useless. i waste time. at the end of the day, nothing is worth it.

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